Sandstone Ice Fest ice fest x                      MCA Ice Fest Clinics

the tenth annual Sandstone Ice Festival Climbing Clinics
are organized and run by the Minnesota Climbers Association

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Intro to Ice Climbing
Intro to equipment, clothing, keeping warm tips, crampon fundamentals, swing and hooking the tools, reading ice, removing tools, testing placement, planning the line, the climbing “flow,” resting, pulling bulges, down-climbing
Mixed Rock and Ice  Climbing
Hooking on sills, turning pick sideways on features, Brew-meisters, pick jamming and torquing, laybacks off features, switching to rock climbing and back, matching tools (leash-less) This class is designed for climbers with experience climbing vertical ice.
Intermediate and Advanced Technique
Monkey-hanging, back-stepping, stemming, high stepping, reaching and stepping through, staggering placements, matching tools (leash-less), pacing, traversing, efficiency, cauliflowers and chandelier ice, rotten ice, pillars, hanging pillars and curtains, thin ice. Please note: this class is only for advanced climbers, all participants must be able to climb vertical water ice and have had some experience with mixed rock and ice climbing.
Women’s Ice Climbing Clinic
Women's clinic covers a diverse array of techniques, approaches and styles from beginner to advanced, depending on the needs of the attendees. There is no prerequisite for experience, and all levels of expertise are welcome.

*Clinic participants should come dressed for the cold weather and are required to bring their own harness, boots, and helmet. There will be a limited supply of demo gear available, please show up an hour early for clinics if you need to be equipped with gear.. 

For climbing clinic questions email ICE FEST INFO

More ice climbing information at Essential Ice Climbing Gear or contact Hard Water Sports for additional classes.

Friday December-12

Introduction to climbing ice





Saturday December-13

Introduction to climbing ice 10-1

Climbing mixed rock and ice 10-1

Women's climbing clinic 12-3

Advanced ice climbing 12-4

Sunday December -14

Introduction to climbing ice 10-1

Climbing mixed rock and ice

Introduction to climbing clinic

Women's climbing clinic

Winter Camping Clinics

Family Nature Walk

Rent Ice Climbing Equipment

Rent climbing gear at the U of M

and U of M Duluth


For additional ice climbing classes contact Hard Water Sports






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